Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Maternity Bra for all The Would-Be Moms!

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience for a woman!

Every woman wants to enjoy this period as much as she could and why not – the satisfaction of giving birth to a new life is a fulfilling thought in itself. Why am I talking about all this? Well there are two reasons? I want to help you live the moments with ease and then have a wonderful suggestion for you. Have you heard about maternity bras? If not, then here’s the complete info for you...

You definitely know that during pregnancy woman’s body goes through various transformations and the size of the breast enhances every 3 months which is very much a natural transition. And they become tender too! And to get your tender and growing bust good support, here I am today, to suggest you one brand that manufactures maternity bras and serve many functions for expecting mothers.

While you are pregnant, you ensure that you nurture your foetus well so that your child would not suffer any problem. The same way you should first pamper yourself as you are the one who is nurturing. So to help you avoid the rashes and the tightness of wearing the same old bras, Cake has come to help you out.
They manufacture maternity bras for every trimester according to the growth factor. The way you will grow, you can find your own comfortable size.

The best thing? The fabric and the elastic are so soft that it won’t harm or irritate your skin even a bit. You can get your size easily and then spend your time pampering your soft and tender body. 

There are many Benefits of Getting a Maternity Bra….

You can get variety of them – for the night wear, for the day wear, and for any occasion as well

They are made especially keeping your tender body in mind

You can get them easily without any tension about the fabric 

Maternity Bra

Short Chemise

How can you get them? Cake Lingerie is available at and can be easily bought at great prices. So make sure you spend the best time of your life comfortably. All the best 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bridal Wear Lingerie for all the Brides!

Indian brides are as unique as Indian culture, traditions and colors...

A great deal of thought and preparation is required when it comes to arranging the bridal trousseau, as it should include heavy  jewelry, matching footwear, different kinds of wedding attires and makeup. One thing that brides generally missed out is their bridal Lingerie…  

Lingerie online

Well, as a bride, you are going to be captured from various angles throughout the wedding celebrations. A peeking bra strap or tight or loose innerwear can present you as a one having unflattering figure and it might also ruin your mood for that precious day. Hence, once you have finalized your bridal Lehengas, ghagras, saris, suits etc. to wear on different ceremonies and occasions, you need to plan carefully about buying comfortable bridal lingerie.  It is essential that you try on each bra-panty set you bought and make sure that your inner garments are not peeking out of your choli/top/blouse. 

Bwitch Corset Polyamide Ribbed

Bwitch Bra Microfiber/Lace Padded UnderWired

Boobs & Bloomers Non padded Soft Bra

Bwitch Bra Microfiber Padded Under Wired