Thursday, 23 May 2013

Be Yourself with Shape-Ups!

Almost every look takes a fashion turn but…with the exception of bulges!!! 

So, when designers came together and discussed about body-conscious fashion freaks, look of the season was created achieving a garment that does not require girdle canvas and whalebone. It was the power of sheer fabric that made it possible, a whole new range of undergarments that can minimize and enhance any figure while providing a comfortable support. 


Shape-ups or shapewears are for those who want to appear slim and in controlled shape, no matter what curve ball the fashion world throws on them. It’s a great way of slimming down without the hassle of starving and exercising to the verge of exhaustion. Thus, if you are looking forward to reduce few inches, you can go for shape wears like tummy trimmers, body suits, thigh slimmers etc. Read further and discover the exclusive shape wears available at

Tummy Trimmers
Apart from waist and tummy control, you will also get proper back support with the help of Tummy trimmers. Its seamless design is so smooth that it will be virtually undetectable under clothing. Your bulges and heavy love handles will be disappeared like a magic.


Slimming camisole
If you want to trim your upper half only, slimming cami or camisoles are meant for you. You can wear it to minimize your love handles and flatten your bust line. If you frequently wear blouses or kind of fitting tops to office, it’s a very useful undergarment to have. Wearing such camisoles will keep everything in place and concealed.   

Slimming Camisole

Mid-Thigh Waist Shaper
This is one of the most common types of shapewear. Generally made with spandex blend or nylon, these shapers can easily be fitted on one’s stomach and upper thighs. It is designed to conceal both of your thighs and waist, providing an overall slim look.  

Mid thigh waist shaper

Body Suits
For maximum functionality and all over coverage, body suits make a perfect choice. A unique combination of slimming camisoles and mid thigh waist shaper, body suit slims down everything under clothing. If you are looking for an undergarment to wear under a slinky dress, body suit is the best bid.

Body suits

Slimming Panty
If your lower abdomen is the problematic area, slimming panty is all you need. You can wear it like any other basic panty, the only difference is: it will smooth everything out. These are generally seamless and can be worn under any type of garments, without worrying about visible panty lines.     

Slimming Panty

For that desirable everyday look and confidence, furthermore, to make that special outfit look fabulous on you, get secret support from the versatile figure sculpting range of shape ups and shape wear available at Believe me, no matter which area you are trying to tone or smooth, there are loads of shape wear options are available for you.  

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