Wednesday, 29 May 2013


What Type of Brassiere You Need for Yourself? 

Gone are the days when brassieres were only considered to support the body features of women. From the mere necessity to luxury, bras have covered a long path till now. From those erotic tunic kinds of bras to lacy and velvety ones, there is no end to the style statement these can give us. 
While a well fitted bra can add to your beauty, a shabby one can make you look morose. Isn’t it??? Just look at the varieties have in their brassiere section and check what is missing in your wardrobe.



Padded bras are good for women with small bust, who wish to highlight and lift their twins. It supports and shapes breast, thereby providing a noticeable look. Padding feature in these bras helps in offering a complete and fuller look. 

Sona Hosiery Padded Bra 

Boobs and Bloomers padded soft bra

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